The year of 2011, which we are about to close, had actually started well compared to the troubled times witnessed around the world after 2008. However, with the crisis emerging in the EU and the acts of terrorism and natural disasters seen in Turkey, we are now endeavouring to get past yet another troubled period. Of course, our national economy is affected from the uncertainties prevailing in Europe, which is Turkey’s biggest market. However, as Şahinler Holding, we are continuing our overall growth with a structure that is becoming stronger and with the right strategic decisions we take.

In the textile sector, we have turned towards products with high added value in Turkey. We have focused on large companies and big customers. We have increased our capacity to deliver quality services that are also speedy, and in general we have increased our efficiency. Our turnover has reached TL1.5 billion, and hence we have once again caught up with our pre-crisis figures.

Starting from cotton: Our Bilkont factory in Çorlu, which is a fully integrated plant with spinning, dying, printing and textile units, has achieved 50% increase in capacity and production in the first quarter of the year, maintaining their place among Turkey’s leading supply companies. Hence, the factory has become a focal point of interest for high-volume buyers across the world.

We are continuing and strengthening our collaboration with major brands that have gained worldwide recognition and that are our customers.

By adding new brands, we will continue to grow and we will consolidate our presence in the global competition.

We will make more improvements in our units, which will produce our high-quality products for our customers. With quality, rich design and prompt supply, Şahinler Holding’s cooperation with the best brands of the world will continue in 2012, as in the previous years.

In line with these developments, the number of our employees has reached 10 thousand. We are feeling the pride of being able to seriously contribute to tackling unemployment, which is Turkey’s bleeding wound. Our company Modavizyon, located in Edirne, has doubled its number of employees compared to the period of crisis. On the other hand, according to data from the Social Security Authority, Modavizyon ranked the 22nd on top 25 female employing companies, outranking the giants of Turkey with its 1650 female employees, while also ranking 1st among companies with the highest number of female employees in the Thracian Region. With 4000 employees, it also ranks first among companies with the highest employment in the Thracian Region.

Producing men’s and women’s suits (apparel), Modavizyon has achieved nearly USD 800 million in exports since it was first set up. Together with our factories in Jordan, it has become a textile group with the highest production capacity in its field in Europe and the Middle East, supplying the top brands in the leading markets of the world and producing men’s and women’s suits.

In the area of textiles, we will add to our inventory of factorises abroad, currently in Bulgaria, Egypt and Jordan, with our new factory that will be set up in Ethiopia. We will increase our competitive power, and we will grow by continuing our foreign investments in the coming years.

As Şahinler Holding, our activities are also increasing in non-textile areas. As you know, we are working with the European Free Zone (EFZ) in the area of free zone operations. In 2011, EFZ has risen to the 5th place, from the 7th, in the ranking list of free zones. Compared to last year, EFZ has increased its trade volume by almost 80%, continuing to win over the leading, large-scale local and foreign companies in their area. With these investments, EFZ will increase its currently $1.3 billion trade volume to $ 2 billion this year.

Operating in the tourism sector, our 1200-bed holiday resort in Antalya, Club Mega Saray, broke the records in occupancy, profitability and turnover last year. Although they have raised their prices due to some quality-enhancing investments, the resort has sold out the full summer season in the first quarter of the year through direct sales and reservations. Club Mega Saray has really become a very serious brand, especially in the European and Russian markets. With the new hotels we are planning to build in Istanbul, we will carry our tourism experiences beyond Antalya. We will grow by continuing our investments in tourism.

Another sector in which we are targeting growth in Turkey is the construction sector. In the construction sector, we will undersign some major projects that will be the talk. With the projects we are planning to initiate in Beylikdüzü in the first quarter of 2012, we will change the silhouette of the area by creating a living area where nature meets modern lifestyle. The area will also have a public square, so we will also be meeting perhaps the most important demand in Beylikdüzü …

Yes, looking at the overall of our group, we are really continuing our climb to the top, with an increasing speed. Taking this opportunity, I would like to wish good developments for our group, our country and the whole world in the New Year.