Dear Colleagues, Customers, and Business Partners,

We left behind another year in Şahinler Holding and in our country that was highly dynamic and full of changes. Turkey was the scene of crucial developments in 2007. Turkey witnessed secular- anti-secular discussions. The economy was also affected by this discussion. Afterwards, AKP came up with a great success in the early political elections. Beginning from August, Turkey reached the political stability once again, Mister Abdullah Gül was elected Turkey’s 11th. President. Although the stabilization sustained, by the end of 2007, Turkey faced with terrorist attacks and PKK once more. PKK terror caused great sorrow in our society. With the support of Europe and USA, and PKK’s recognition as a terrorist organization, Turkish Government gave authorization for northern Iraq strike to Turkish Army Turkish army made Kurds in North Iraq dissuade supports to PKK by driving PKK in to the corner.

When those developments were taking place in Turkey, we continued our journey of success as Sahinler Holding, successfully representing our country on different fields abroad. In first quarter of 2007, Sahinler Group raised to the 3th place in the "Biggest Textile Manufacturer" list in Europe according to German Textile Wirtschaft Magazine. On the other hand we introduced the new concept of Adessa, operating in more than 300 stores all over Europe, to our clients in 2007. Adessa will keep on growing with widely admired new concept.

As we all know, with the abolishment of the quotas in 2005, a difficult process started for the textile industry which is the driving force of Turkish export. As Şahinler Holding, despite all the troubles faced, we are meeting demands coming from our biggest clients especially in USA and Europe successfully by maintaining our strategical investments, we keep going on in 15 countries with its 27 company as a global group. We will grow by continuing our overseas investments that will empower our competitiveness in the coming years

We will keep our development in tourism and construction industries with remarkable projects in Turkey. Once again, on behalf of preparing for global competition, we aim at sustaining our cooperation more strongly with very important brands which are known all around the world and already our customers and at adding new ones. We will keep improving in our units that will produce high quality products for our customers. With high quality, affluent designs and rapid supply, the cooperation between the best brands of the world and Şahinler Holding will go on also in 2008 as it used tobe in the previous years. We prepare logistic infrastructure to give more rapid supply. We will invest in creativity to manufacture more creative products.We will carry on our activities of total quality. We will continue total quality improving activities and investment in human resources.

In textile industry, we will continue our road as a completely global group that realizes the value of supplying and marketing opportunities in the world and maintains its climb for the peak in the world of competition pretentiously.

In this context, During Sahinler Holding's journey at peak level, I thank to my twelve thousand colleagues at home and abroad who make significant contributions with high motivation and self-sacrifice and to all of our customers and business partners who prefer to work with us throughout the world and lay respects with my wishes for the continuance of our successful projects and collaborations shoulder to shoulder progressively in the future as it was in the past.


Şahinler Holding | Chairman of the Board of Directors