Our group announces its vacancies and labour requirements on the website of our Group, in the media in select newspapers and magazines, and on web-based portals providing job placement services.
Şahinler Holding has a Human Resources (HR) Management structure that is coordinated from the central office, while many of our companies have their own HR structures. To provide guidance to our companies, the Holding’s Central Human Resources Management undertakes surveys, develops projects, organizes training programmes, carries out the reporting procedures and manages the personnel hiring process.

In our current HR structure, our companies that have their own HR organizations create their own applicant pools, while a central applicant pool is also created by the Holding’s Central Human Resources Management. Candidates can follow the procedure explained below should they want to reach our Group:
- Applying through commercial portals: there are three main commercial portals that Şahinler Holding Group works with. From the links provided below, you can access the webpage of Şahinler Holding on these portals, and browse the updated announcements.

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 - You can submit a general application for our Group from the link below. To access the application form, please click here.