Placed in the first places in the "List of 500 Biggest Industrial Enterprises in Turkey” every year, Bilkont operates in its plant in Çorlu, Tekirdağ. In its spinning mills, open-end and ring-melange yarn production is performed using cotton, organic cotton, polyester, acrylic, viscose, wool, polypropylene, bamboo, mineral, linen fiber.

In addition, open-end yarn between numbers “6/1 – 33/1 Ne” and ring-melange yarn is manufactured using any kind of fibers between the numbers “10/1 - 50/1 Ne” with 100% percent or mixing with other desired percents in the yarn manufacturing facility.

In Bilkont’s fabric dying facility, dying processes on knitted fabrics such as cotton, acrylic, viscose, lycra, polyester and their mixtures. In the yarn dying facility, mixed yarns such as cotton, cotton – polyester, cotton – viscose and cotton – acrylic are dyed.

Bilkont’s manufacturing facilities in Çorlu have production capacities of 20 ton / day open - end yarn, 11 ton / day ring – mélange yarn, 40 ton / day knitted fabric and fabric dying and finishing capacity of 30 ton / day and dying capacity of 4,5 ton / day.

Making productions of world-wide brands. Bilkont has established and maintains a system complying with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Standard since 1999.

The chemical raw materials and ingredients used in the entire production and processes of Bilkont Çorlu Plant definitely don’t harm human health and environment. Bilkont has the “Öko-tex 100” Standard Certificate granted to establishments which are capable of manufacturing full healthy products.

It manufactures cotton, viscose, cotton / viscose, viscose / polyester, cotton / polyester, cotton / acrylic yarn types with the certificate with No. 10.HTR.74187 and cotton, viscose, cotton / viscose, viscose / polyester, cotton / polyester, cotton / acrylic and cotton / spandex fiber fabric types with the certificate with No. 10.HTR.74188 in raw and dyed forms.

As of 2007, Bilkont has established a system complying with the requirements to perform open – end and ring – mélange yarn production with 100% organic cotton, knitted fabric production, knitted fabric dying and yarn dying processes and its compliance with the requirements is certificated by Control Union Certifications by granting the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate. In Bilkont A.Ş., two kinds of production can be performed under the names "organic" and "made with organic" within the scope of C 807477 GOTS Certificate.

In addition, Bilkont A.Ş. is entitled to make production according to Organic Exchange 100 and Organic Exchange Blended standards with C 807477 OE certificate.

Bilkont Çorlu Tekstil Tesisleri, Misinli Köyü Kavşağı, Asfalt Altı Mevkii 59860
Çorlu / Tekirdağ  - Turkey

Tel: 0282 675 13 00
Faks: 0282 675 12 90