A Successful Turkish Man at the 6th Harmonisation Summit…
Kemal Şahin, who has received the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in Germany, has stated during the presentation he made at the 6th harmonisation summit that multiculturalism perceptivity was behind his success.

Chairman of Managing Board of Şahinler Holding Kemal Şahin has participated the 6th Harmonisation Summit that had been organised under the auspices of Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel.  

The main theme of the Harmonisation Summit, which is organised every year, has been determined as to be “Harmonisation in the Labour market”. The main agenda of the summit has been introducing the immigrants in to the labour market especially within the National Action Plan.

Minister of Economy and Technology of Germany, Philipp Rösler, Minister of the Internal Affairs, Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich, Minister of State responsible for harmonisation, Prof. Dr. Maria Böhmer, Prime Ministers of some of the  provinces, federal and local authorities and large number of representatives of non-governmental organisations related to the immigrants have attended the summit.

Kemal Şahin, who has received the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in Germany, has stated the following during the Harmonisation Summit, which has been organised for the 6th time this year:

“Germany is gradually getting old in demographic sense and the labour force is reducing and shrinking. At the moment, 35% of new born babies in Germany are of foreign origin.  Politicians and the top sections of the society are aware of the need for the foreign youngsters for the reason of the German population that is gradually getting old.  However, this awareness had not yet taken place on the lower levels of the society. There are youth of foreign origin, who are marginalised in the society and who could not get good education, for the reason of the prejudices section.  We have established a foundation by being aware of this problem together with the leading non-governmental organisations and with the Turkish-German business world by also having the support of the Government of Germany.  

We have started the 'Mentoring’ project ' which is the first project of the Stiftung: Bildung! Education foundation. With the project, where older brothers and sisters that have been successful and who could be good examples provide mentoring, we are casting the education consciousness right down to the families and provide for the youth, who are on the eve of selecting a profession, to receive good education in this way, to find employment and hence to have a share from the welfare of the society.  Large part of the German society will consist of foreigners in the future.   As experts point out, German economy will be in need of 10 million labour forces by 2030.  If the youth of foreign origin cannot be integrated with the society, then this requirement could not be fulfilled. Therefore, Germany should own this multi-cultural potential within the society. Immigrants are not alienated people in Germany. In fact they are individual parts of the society, who were born there and who reside there.''

Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, who has made the opening speech of the summit, has called society to be more open with regards to the diversity within the country. Merkel, who has expressed as, “We would like to be harmonisation country” has stated that they have been progressing this policy over dialog, people in the USA are accustomed to the differences of  people and Germany should get used to this situation.

Kemal Şahin, who is the most important businessman of foreign origin and who employs more 10.000 people from 50 different nations and from different cultures, has expressed that the multiculturalism concept was behind the root of his success and has shared his opinions with regards to the summit with the press department of the German Government.

You can have access for the video contained in the official internet site of the Government from the address of; http://www.bundesregierung.de/Content/DE/Artikel/2013/05/2013-05-28-integrationsgipfel.html  or from the Youtube channel of the German Government with Turkish subtitles option. 

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