BBCA plants have been opened with a ceremony.
Uğur Makina, which has been providing its services in relation with the grain mill, grain processing, grain storage, grain transport systems and the industrial automation in the country for 44 years approximately and around the world, has joined forces with Altınbilek and Meko A.S and have established BBCA Depolama Sistemleri A.S company.

Official opening ceremony of the plant, which has started its activities in the Europe Free Zone and which has 43.000 m2 of open area and  15.000 m2 of covered area and which targets to obtain turnover of 30 million Euro when it starts to operate at full capacity, has taken place on  06.04.2013 with the participation of Minister of Health, Dr. Mehmet Muezzinoğlu, Governor of Tekirdag, Ali Yerlikaya, Administrator of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and Member of Parliament for AKP Party for Corum, Salim Uslu, Members of Parliament for Tekirdag Özlem Yemişçi and  Ziyaeddin Akbulut, Lord mayor of Corum,   Muzaffer Külcü, Chairman of Managing Board of BBCA Storex,  Okcul Barlik, Chairman of Managing Board of Ugur Group,  Uğur Barlık and and Chairman of Managing Board of Şahinler Holding,  Kemal Şahin.

The Chairman of Managing Board of BBCA,  Okcul Barlik, who has made a speech at the opening ceremony, has underlined as saying; BBCA Storex had taken its place amongst the world giants with this investment and stated as: “BBCA Storex has implemented many silo port projects, which requires extensive logistics especially, up to now and had designed projects of systems that requires high capacity transportation and transfer according to the product type.   BBCA Storex offers systems that control the quality of the product and which provide ease of use, reliability, efficiency and profit as well as storage and transportation of products.  Our production plant, which we shall carry out its opening today, is rising up as an monument of pride for us on the path that we had set out with the mission of carrying out the production at the world standards with the advanced technology we use in the field of storage of grain and similar commodity groups and through our designing capability and with the mission of increasing competitiveness of our customers with the optimum solutions that we provide. Our objective as BBCA Storex is to be a leading company in the international markets in 2017.”

Chairman of Managing Board of Şahinler Holding,  Kemal Şahin, who has stated  that this investment is the indicator that the investments in the European Free Zone, which had been  continuing  with the increase from the previous years, is progressing through the same momentum in 2013, has said the following:

“European Free Zone has moved up to the 4th place from the 7th place by leaping 3 places in the free zone listings. In this way, it has taken the leadership position amongst 19 free zones in terms of the growth rate.  European Free Zone, where nearly 4000 people are employed, has increased its volume of trade, where it has approached amount of 2 billion dollars in 2011, to the amount of 2.4 billion dollars at the end of 2012. Our target for 2013 is 3 billion dollars. According to the growth figures of the last one year, EFZ has been the favourite of the investors by achieving a growth that had been 8 times more than the average of 18 other free zones present in Turkey.  EFZ also provides serious amount of contributions for the issue of narrowing down of the current deficit of Turkey since it attracts investments that develops technology and which are permanent and increase exports. When we look from this aspect, importance of free zones in general and especially the importance of EFZ become evident.  Exports are made to approximately 170 different countries from European Free Zone today. 60% of the total amount of products manufactured in the EFZ is exported.  

There are obviously very important factors behind the fact that companies, who are leaders in their sector, prefer the European Free Zone. Perfect geographical location between Istanbul-Europe, tax and funds allowance, advanced infrastructure services,  ideal access  network,  minimum level of  bureaucracy, special title deed ownership, trained and qualified workforce are the issues that comes to the mind at first. The most important factor here without any doubt  is the global view point of Şahinler Holding, which has more than 10.000 employees from 50 different nations around the world and which dresses 50 million people and the solution oriented service concept of  employees and managers of EFZ.  We are aiming to be placed at the 1st rank amongst the free zones, to provide employment for 20.000 people and to attract 2 billion dollars of investment in total and to have 10 billion dollars of  trade volume by 2023 in which we shall be celebrating the 100th anniversary of our republic. “

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